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 Along the banks of the great Nile, within a modern human civilization, and in the “Nekhbet” Temple,  PER Ankh's activities began around 7000 years ago to be known as the first foundation at the time. Its aim was to protect the civil society and help the Egyptian people advance in the fields of science, education, and religion.

“PER ANKH” (this ancient Egyptian foundation) played a major role in sponsoring the Egyptian temples and helping them deliver their messages to serve the civilization all over the Nile Valley.  It also helped send several missionaries to different locations of the world.

Thousands of years ago, “PER ANKH” paid a lot of attention to preparing the Egyptian individual for the proper mental and psychological levels (the mind and the heart). It vowed to take the young children’s hands and guide them through the world of knowledge and understanding. It helped the children practice by copying hundreds of fact-enriched articles and writings. The aim was to arm the young people with many capabilities that would open numerous doors of creativity before them; creativity to use in art, drawing, and sculpting, which would in turn make them capable of continuing their studies in religion and space. Afterwards, the children will become mentally ideal to choose their subject of concentration and thus their careers; they would either continue their regular education, or concentrate on religious education to become a priest or teacher.

“PER ANKH”, the resurrection:

7000 years later, and exactly during April 2007, “PER ANKH” came to life again through a foundation which carries its same name and its same great message. It was launched in Canada, the country of peace, freedom, justice, and humanity as a whole. Amongst a peaceful civilized ambience, rich with education and knowledge, the non-profit humane foundation resumed its work to serve development and humans wherever they were on this planet in an aim to enhance any factor that might play a role in achieving peace and advancement for generations to come.

“PER ANKH” recommenced its activities in Canada and the outside as soon as it was founded to reach its goals in providing aid to people. It welcomed and sponsored several cultural, social, and artistic forums in the different Canadian provinces and some of the Arabic Countries. It took initiatives in subsiding academic and literature foundations and supported artistic and creative innovation. Numerous visits were paid to some countries and many meetings took place with officials to help eliminate its ineligibilities to begin planning for different projects to take place in the near future.

“PER ANKH” worked hard to prove its existence in this world; it was legally registered on the banks of the great Nile where it was first born in the Arabic Republic of Egypt. It founded its first office there to be the headquarters for all its other branches around the world. It quickly commenced its social and charity activities there and supported the academic institutions and research centers.

PER ANKH’s doors are open before the foundations and individuals all over the world. It provides help and support to everyone in order to exchange knowledge and experience. It strives to make use of the unique ancient Egyptian experience and use it to serve humans and humanity.

Dr. Eng. Mamdoh Ismail
Founder & CEO of  Per Ankh Org.


“PER ANKH” - Dar Al-Hayat - (HOUSE OF LIFE)

For peace and Humanity
A non-profit civil development foundation  Founded in Canada on 18/4/2007 
Registration Number: 442445-0 (Federal Canadian Chart)

Goals: Work inside and outside Canada to achieve the following:

-          Provide help and aid to individuals and societies.

-          Spread knowledge about arts, history, and civilizations.

-          Sponsor literary and intellectual creativity among individuals and foundations.

-          Provide help to educational, academic, and development associations.

-          Strengthen relationships and dialogues, and spread peace among different peoples.

-          Hold conferences, exhibits, and local and international gatherings that help accomplish its mission.

-          Publish and distribute electronic and written magazines, newspapers, articles, and books.

-          Prepare and present television and radio talk shows, programs, and plays.

                                        Dr./Engineer Mamdouh Mohamed galal Ismail  (President and founder).


-          Dr./Engineer Mamdouh Mohamed galal Ismail  (President).

-          Dr. Karima Kah Ismail.

-          Dr. Laila Nefertari Ismail.

-          Soraya Kemit Ismail.

1- Office in Canada (Montreal/Canada):

12  Bridgewood Court, Kirkland,Qc,H9J2T8,  Canada,Quebec,
Tel: 001/514-409-4400            Fax: 001/514-697-01

2-Office in Egypt:

Arabic Republic of Egypt/ Al-giza/ Al-Haram                                                                                47 L- Pyramid Gardens, Khafraa Entrance.                                                                                    Cell Phone:  012/4051519

Email: m.ismail@egycom.com

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